[status] weekly report

From: Ryan Lee <ryanlee_at_w3.org>
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 13:28:40 -0500

The week before last:

  - ISWC2005 - kudos to DavidH for his PB presentation and to the rest
of the team for keeping things running. Nice meeting some of you in person.

Last week:

  - Connecting Emmanuel Pietriga's FSL implementation to my Fresnel
implementation in Sesame; we used differing Sesame versions, so some
degree of changes required

  - DIG related, but FYI: WordPress plugin that cross posts to any
Blogger API service: http://ryanlee.org/software/wp/bac/

This week:

  - Just tested against Emmanuel's test cases a minute ago and it looks
like my changes to his FSL engine didn't break anything, so there's
confidence all will be behave properly when connecting it to my Fresnel
code within the week

  - Try putting Fresnel into Longwell

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