[status] weekly report

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <stefanom_at_mit.edu>
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 13:29:20 -0500

Not much report for last week, mainly recharging batteries after the
ISWC 2005 burnout. But anyway, last week:

  - slept a lot more peacefully :-)
  - met with David and chatted about "Flair", codename for the
ajax-to-the-max publishing framework to fix the issues with the one we
have now (and allow pluggable views)
  - caught up with email (and Apache duties)
  - private email conversation with Leo Sauermann about participating in
  project Aperture (not, not the Apple's one)
  - started to rsync all the public apache email archive on edna
(currently 5Gb of gzip-compressed email), RDFization will follow shortly
  - started thinking about an architecture for a semantic bank for your
own email, giving you faceted browsing and lucene searching across your
*own* email collection (toying with the idea of a thunderbird version of
piggy bank)
  - started thinking about a simple-as-possible architecture for
procedural RDF transformation, which might save us for the need to build
an OWL reasoner inside sesame native
  - still have no idea on how to plug fresnel into longwell
  - wrestled with moving my precious 180K email archive from one imap
server to another and moving my spam infrastructure from bogofilter to

For next week:

  - finish the spam wrestling match
  - get serious about the email rdf-ization
  - prepare for thanksgiving ;-)

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