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From: Michael McDougall <>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 14:29:42 -0500

Rickard Öberg wrote:

> ps. Off-topic: Does anyone know where MS is with regard to all of
> these things? I'm doing a presentation on the future of IT-platforms
> in governments on monday and a MS rep. is the only other speaker >:-)
> Would be cool to know if they have something along these lines...

Danny Ayers has been blogging a bit about a thing called Really Simple
Sharing ( "RSS for synchronization") that's come out of MS. (See

 From Ray Ozzie's blog where he discusses the project

"As an industry, we have simply not designed our calendaring and
directory software and services for this “mesh” model. The websites,
services and servers we build seem to all want to be the “owner” and
“publisher”; it’s really inconsistent with the model that made email so
successful, and the loosely-coupled nature of the web.
Shortly after I started at Microsoft, I had the opportunity to meet with
the people behind Exchange, Outlook, MSN, Windows Mobile, Messenger,
Communicator, and more. We brainstormed about this “meshed world” and
how we might best serve it - a world where each of these products /and
others’ products/ could both manage these objects and synchronize each
others’ changes."

They don't seem to be using RDF, and they mechanism is a little
different than the traditional Semantic Web approach, but it's got some
of the same flavor.

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