Re: Piggy-bank continues to haunt my dreams . . .

From: Rickard Öberg <>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 08:34:41 +0100

David Huynh wrote:
> My apologies about the pig disturbing your dreams, but in fact, those
> use cases you described are a big part of what I promise to support in
> my thesis. Essentially, a lot more user control over the information and
> the visualizations in order to juggle the information available into
> some forms fitting your tasks at hands. So the good news is--it's
> coming! And the bad news is--not for another few months. We need to
> rewire the architecture to support richer interactions... AJAXifying
> Piggy Bank.

We are currently considering productifying something like what Dean
described (many kudos to Stefano for off-list feedback around these
thoughts). We are relative newbies at Semantic Web etc. but it seems
like the basic tools and libraries are relatively "there". Making the
"wow" effect is "easy" for us as we already have "the ultimate frontend"
in the form of a very very neat CMS/portal. This would be "the ultimate
backend". And our customers are *SCREAMING* for something like it, so it
will be easy to sell: take orders as they come in.

Personally I have mostly one big big concern: performance. Dumping a
shitload of information into the system will be very tempting, and the
more info in there the more useful and valuable it will be. But, the
more popular it gets, the slower it gets. So, key issues then is how to
address the performance/scalability issues. My current line of thinking
is to use federation and P2P, coupled with aggressive caching at the
edge of the system, but I don't know how to do it or whether it'll work.

But I am very very happy about the general direction of how the various
tools around this are converging on actually being quite usable. :-)


ps. Off-topic: Does anyone know where MS is with regard to all of these
things? I'm doing a presentation on the future of IT-platforms in
governments on monday and a MS rep. is the only other speaker >:-) Would
be cool to know if they have something along these lines...

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