RE: Solvent/piggy-bank weirdness

From: Arvind Venkataramani <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 22:52:00 -0500

Update: the mixed scraping problem I described earlier occurred again. I
thought it might be useful for you to take a peek at the scraped data, so I
took the liberty of publishing all 52 items in my citeulike collection onto
the simile semantic bank under the 'sensemaya' account, tagged with
'sensemaya-test' for easy removal later (I didn't have time to set up my own
bank). You may remove them if they're not necessary.

-- arvind

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> Subject: Re: Solvent/piggy-bank weirdness
> Arvind Venkataramani wrote:
> >I've set the 'redirect javascript console to stdout' option for
> >piggybank, so any javascript messages should be in the firefox console
> >output (if I understand that option right). In any case, I don't
> >remember seeing any javascript errors before I did that, but if you
> >like, I can run the scraper again and mail you the javascript output to
you separately...
> >
> >-- arvind
> >
> >
> Which particular page on citeulike does your scraper have problem with?
> It seems to be working for me--I haven't gotten the "no typed data found"
> David
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