Re: Newbie Question

From: Yuri Tijerino <>
Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2005 04:01:22 +0900

I do have the Google Maps key already set up. It still doesn't show the
map and I still get the same error in the console.


David Huynh wrote:

> Yuri Tijerino wrote:
>> OK, I get much farther now because as Paolo suggested in an earlier
>> email, I was behind a web proxy. I tried it at home and it works,
>> however I opened the Java console as David suggested and I do get the
>> some errors on the console after following the instructions to run
>> the scraper example. Also, I clicked on the "coordinates
>> (map)" property and the map doesn't come up. Apparently it has
>> something to do with the cookie setup, but I can't figure out what.
>> My cookies options allow sites to set cookies from originating sites
>> only. I also tried it allowing sites to set cookies from all sites.
>> Can you take a look and let me know how to fix these problems.
> Actually, your cookie settings seem not to be the culprit here. The
> log showed that Piggy Bank was able to retrieve the coordinates for
> those cities.
> When Piggy Bank showed its setup dialog box, did you register for a
> Google Maps key? If not, you can do that through Tools -> Piggy Bank
> -> Options. Once in a while Google Maps doesn't show up for me,
> either. Not sure why yet.
> David
>> Yuri
>> This is from the Java console. The Javascript console only gave me
>> errors when I had the settings to allow cookies only from originating
>> sites.
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