Semantic Bank problems

From: Michael McDougall <>
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 22:53:12 -0500

I've been trying to set up a local Semantic Bank but haven't been able
to publish anything to it.

I downloaded and ran Semantic bank 2.1.1. I was able to connect to it
through a web browser. I was able to create an account using Piggy Bank.
However, when I click the "publish" button I get a message box saying

  Failed to publish the item.
  Status code: 500

And the console spits out:

005-12-01 22:45:39,053 [SocketListener0-4] DEBUG - > makeMessage
2005-12-01 22:45:39,068 [SocketListener0-4] DEBUG - < makeMessage
2005-12-01 22:45:39,069 [SocketListener0-4] DEBUG - Execute Command: upload
2005-12-01 22:45:39,097 [SocketListener0-4] ERROR - Fatal error: Expected '.', found '<' at [10,-1]
2005-12-01 22:45:39,098 [SocketListener0-4] ERROR -$ModelReadFromFileException: Failed to
read data from ''
2005-12-01 22:45:39,099 [SocketListener0-4] DEBUG - < doPost

I *was* able to publish to the bank at (much to my
horror, as it was accidental and it wasn't data I wanted to make public
-- fortunately it was only about 25 items (why don't you have a "delete
all" button?)), so it seems like the PiggyBank end of the connection is
working ok.


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