Re: Welkin not loading data

From: Arjohn Kampman <>
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 17:26:52 +0100

David Huynh wrote:
> Hi Arvind,
> We are using Openrdf's Rio package to parse and output Turtle files (not
> really N3 files), and Rio seems to put in the \ that Paolo mentioned.
> We'll fix this in the future--would you mind logging a bug into our
> issue tracking system?

I just checked Rio's Turtle writer and it doesn't escape single quotes.
The N3 writer, however, does! Could it be that the RDF file has been
created using this writer? If this is the case, then the fix is trivial:
just replace the N3Writer with the TurtleWriter.

FWIW: I just learned that single quotes do not need to be escaped in N3
strings, although the \' escape sequence is mentioned in the escape
sequences table at [1]. Then again, it doesn't appear to be illegal
either. I logged an issue for this at anyway[2].


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