Re: Welkin not loading data

From: Arvind Venkataramani <>
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 13:35:18 -0500

Great. I'm not having any other problem with the export, though (yet).
Quote-escaping seems to be the only problem I've encountered. I'll try
the RDF output and see. Bug reports coming up :)

David Huynh wrote:
> Hi Arvind,
> We are using Openrdf's Rio package to parse and output Turtle files
> (not really N3 files), and Rio seems to put in the \ that Paolo
> mentioned. We'll fix this in the future--would you mind logging a bug
> into our issue tracking system?
> For now, it might help to just make Piggy Bank export in RDF/XML. This
> can be done while browsing a collection of items by changing the URL
> to have the URL parameter command=export rather than command=browse
> and by adding another URL parameter format=rdfxml. Please let me know
> if that works for you.
> David
> Arvind Venkataramani wrote:
>> I have been trying to get Welkin to load N3 data exported from Piggy
>> Bank, and it doesn't seem to be loading anything. A sample N3 file is
>> attached.. Welkin manages to load N3 generated by the Solvent
>> extension, though, and the sample RDF data off the welkin home page.
>> Any idea what might be wrong?
>> Thanks,
>> -- arvind
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