Describing change in a semantic web resource

From: Oliver Cole <>
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 13:32:26 +0000


Slightly off-topic I'm afraid, but I wanted to ask people who'd know...

I gather from previous discussion on this list that there is a semantic
web description of web services such as SOAP or whatever.

Imagine a dentist's surgery that provides a web service that allows you
book appointments (authentication etc aside)... obviously, having your
agent aware of the concept of booking an appointment is not in the
spirit of the game in the same way having it aware of Chinese food vs
Indian isn't allowed, so the other way to describe this is by describing
a change in a semantic web resource...

You represent the unbooked appointment in some sort of appointment
ontology, and you say that this web service described over there allows
you to change a property or two, ie the name and your patient number for

The agent then knows that if the person it represents wants to make that
kind of change, then it can go over there, read the description of the
web service, fire off the query and book the appointment.

Sorry for the random thoughts, but what do you think?

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