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From: Patrik Holmer <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 14:15:02 +0100


a first request to the Simile Project Manager then: What about a public
reference regarding systems and configurations to get at least one default
bundle per file- or database-repository-configuration running?

Many of us - regard us as initial end-users or 'noobs' - are browsing The
Internet to find open solutions solving specific problems of ours. Due to
the amount of solutions available, time becomes essence and we don't have
enough of it to spare. Delving into the 'nooks and crannies' of each
solution isn't an option - as in; what Java-version makes this solution
tick. When finding a solution of interest, noob's need a starting point, a
reference, to be convinced that the solution actually will work in our own
enviroment. Then, if we find it to be a viable solution, we will commit time
and effort to the idea.

A brief thought though: Getting the Simile solutions running in a language
enviroment comparable to the one spoken by the Swedish Chef in Sesame Street
might be a hill to steep to climb.

Just for fun; try Simile Longwell in the norwegian browser Opera and watch
it scroll to oblivion. It could be the Opera-browser, but what do I know
about that, Simile has no reference on what browser and browser-version
Simile Longwell works in.

Oh, by the way, abandoning the art-public-bundle, I finally got the
people-bundle running <cleanly> in Longwell 1.1-Sesame-MySQL. But, as a new
experience, it required many teppid tea's getting there.

// Patrik

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Hi -

David Huynh reminds me, that out that I ought to introduce myself.

I'm Ben Hyde. I just joined the simile project with the hope I'll help
coordinate things.

  - ben

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