RDF DB Shootout: Preliminary Results

From: Vineet Sinha <vineet_at_csail.mit.edu>
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2006 03:56:15 -0500

There has been some interest in this mailing list on RDF DB comparisons.
Below is part of my write-up of preliminary results found while building
a DB Shootout suite. I will appreciate any comments.



In building applications to allow end-users to manage information in an
intuitive manner (from multiple sources), we, the Haystack and Simile
projects, have over time moved to using the W3C's Semantic Web framework
and RDF standard for sharing data and using as application's backends.
Using RDF does require us to either build or find an easily deployable
and high-performance data-store, and we have therefore planned an
in-depth 'RDF DB Shootout'. Preliminary results indicate that the Sesame
Native store to have the best performance.

Our preliminary evaluation consisted of using the Java APIís against
available Java RDF-APIís. We considered: the Jena 2.2 API with Apache
Derby and Berkley DB backends, the Sesame 1.2.2 Native Store, and
Haystackís Cholestrol 4 DB. We also tried using the Redland APIís,
however, we had difficulties in getting it built with Java APIís on Windows.

*Results*: Sesameís Native store added data roughly 20x faster and
performed lookups at roughly 2.5x faster than any of Jenaís backends.
When compared to Sesame, Cholesterol ran 50% slower in data-addition
while it ran 50% faster in the lookups.

More Details (including the description of the suite, the actual
numbers, and limitations of the results) at:
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