Piggy Bank/Java Applet vs. Firewall/Proxy [was RE: Piggy bank ports]

From: Prokopp, Christian <christian.prokopp_at_sap.com>
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 11:49:48 +0800

Hope this might save someone a couple of hours...

Recap: I am sitting behind a firewall & proxy which prevented piggy bank
from working. The reported solution (attached) did actually not work and
must have just coincided with a temporary glitch in the firewall/proxy.

Solid solution for my case: Install a local proxy and configure your
java (applets) to use this proxy.

Educated guess: Seems like there is a way for the firewall/proxy to
distinguish java (applets) accessing web pages through http from other
applications (might be a specific way the packets are formatted - I
don't know but am quite interested if someone knows). The local proxy
apparently hides the applet from the firewall/proxy.


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For the benefit of all I will summarize the piggy bank
firewall/proxy/port problem and solution we found.
It seems that it came down to the problem that the java plug-in did not
respond to the proxy settings in the java control panel (any of them).
The problem was solved after I uninstalled all versions of java,
installed the latest one (1.5 U6). Then I accessed the proxy settings
through the java icon in the task bar and set them to use the browser
settings. I bet a reboot here and there in the process wont hurt.
My system is: Windows XP, Firefox 1.5, Piggy bank 2.1.2, Java 1.5 Update
Have a merry Christmas and thanks for all the help,
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