[QUESTION] Solvent - Using a custom ontology

From: Daniel S. Haischt <me_at_stefan.haischt.name>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 13:58:09 +0100


for some reason I was not able to find an answer to the
following question(s) in the list archive ...

 * I already have an OWL ontology, that I want to use
   to create a Scraper using Solvent. How can I import
   an already existing (OWL) ontology into Solvent?

 * Do I have to 'import' the existing ontology into
   piggy bank?

 * If yes how do I select the just imported ontology
   within Solvent? For example if I choose the FOAF
   ontology, will this cause the name context menu
   (item's URI, item's title etc.) to change its
   contents according to the selected ontology?

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