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From: Zack Rosen <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 11:29:43 -0800

This is very promising news. I for one will be anxious to hear your
experiences when these systems are deployed.

That said, from personal experience, I don't see a way RDF object
stores will be pervasively implemented in web-technology such as
content management systems any time soon. If you were to propose this
to the Drupal community you would probably get laughed off the
mailinglist. The problem is the burden of proof as to the benefits
of adopting these technologies and concepts still remain upon the
research community and RDF object stores remain relatively unproven.
In the communities I work with this is exacerbated by the fact that
experiments with RDF object stores have been nothing short of
disastrous. One multi-$100K project I know of employed an RDF store
in their CMS/Communtiy application only to see it choke under light
web traffic loads. The website never launched and the project was

My point is not to spread doom and gloom though. I just think we
need to objectively think about what it will take to get these tools
widely adopted.


On Jan 17, 2006, at 12:58 AM, Rickard Öberg wrote:

> Leigh Dodds wrote:
>>> ...some research later and internal lobbying and we now have a
>>> decision to implement RDF as the internal engine for how we
>>> manage information in our stuff.
>> Which is pretty much where we are at too. I held off for a long time
>> about pushing us down an RDF route for content management as I wasn't
>> sure whether it was necessary or would scale. But after taking a step
>> back and realising that the way we'd been evolving our code and
>> storage was to make it "kinda" RDF, we bit the bullet, did the
>> testing
>> and we've now pretty close to deploying our production RDF store.
> Yup. I should add that we do not intend to store our data in RDF,
> directly. Instead we'll be storing stuff as XML documents which
> have various properties indexed as RDF for querying. That way we
> get the best of both worlds: complex structured data from XML and
> queryable data from RDF.
> /Rickard
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