Re: Querying and caching with large datasets

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 08:38:41 -0500

Jeen Broekstra wrote:

> [snip]
> Well, to be honest, we would of course encourage you to use Sesame 2,
> since that is where your development can do the most good for us and for
> other Sesame users. Then again, you are more familiar probably with how
> Sesame 1 works, and we still do plan to do a few Sesame 1.x releases.
> Also, keep in mind that Sesame 2 is Java 5 only, which may be a problem
> for you (I understand that for Piggybank it is a problem as MacOSX still
> does not ship with Java 5 per default).

I'm very tempted to upgrade to Sesame 2 for Piggy Bank, too... All the
new features of Sesame 2 are quite irresistible.

For MacOSX users of Piggy Bank, do you have any objection?... The Java
Embedding Plugin for MacOSX supports Java 1.5 if you have Tiger:

> As for stable releases: for Sesame 2, our plans are to be less
> monolithic in our release strategy. There will be separate releases of
> different components: a core Sesame module (containing APIs, query
> engines, query models, and the main memory backend), and the different
> persistent backends, web client and the parsers/writers etc. will be
> distributed separately.
> The way things currently are, we aim to have the Sesame 2 core stable in
> about two months from now. The native store will be available separately
> then as well (it is already released as part of alpha-2 and as far as we
> have tested it is stable). The MySQL backend and web client will
> probably be released a bit later, but those are not really an issue for
> you, I guess.

Jeen, do you foresee any change to the API before Sesame 2 core stable

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