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From: Rickard Öberg <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 17:54:31 +0100

Rickard berg wrote:
> I have now tried to import a database with the website of a reasonably
> large customer containing ~300.000 objects. It worked very well. I am
> happy with the size of the database (1Gb), and after having indexed some
> XML XPath's (hence making the RDF database contain ~3.000.000
> statements) we can now do some SerQL queries on the data that we have
> not been able to do before in a convenient way. I'm very very happy with
> the results so far.

I added generic XPath's to this which indexes ALL references between
objects, regardless of where they are. I am all giggly now, because the
result is just mindbogglingly cool. Now I can do search-replace of
object references (e.g. "delete object X and replace all references with
object Y") and easily find how many links I have to a particular page
(e.g. "find all references between X and Y where X is a Link and Y is a
Page"). Stuff like that. Things that would have been IMPOSSIBLE with our
old technology, and certainly very very difficult with either just an
RDBMS or even XML-database. Now it's just plain trivial. I could even
implement garbage collection of objects in the database by using this
(e.g. "find all objects with no references and remove them. Repeat until
none are left").

Very nice. :-)


Rickard berg
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