Tag-namespace missing (?) - as defined in the Simile Namespace Map

From: Patrik Holmer <NNTP.psbh_at_telia.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 22:33:01 +0100


juggling a basic 'mappings.n3'-file in a Semantic Bank example, I noticed
the following:

In http://simile.mit.edu/wiki/NamespaceMap, under Unofficial Ontologies, I
started browsing for http://simile.mit.edu/2005/04/ontologies/tags and ended
up 404:rd. Trying another ontology as
http://simile.mit.edu/2003/10/ontologies/person, it came up just fine...

So, a general question; anyone with ideas on where to find

// Patrik
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