[heads up] longwell repository changes

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <stefanom_at_mit.edu>
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 19:15:17 -0500

Longwell is our faceted browser and it's a keystone of our software
ecosystem in the SIMILE project.

In November, in order to rush and deliver all the goodies for the ISWC
conference, we cut a few corners in the 'keep the repository clean'
department and as a result, we ended up with a tangled mess of different
efforts by different people that got intermixed and made it difficult to
continue the work.

I'm happy to announce that I've finally spent some time this afternoon
to clean up that mess. The result is the following:

  1) the longwell trunk, which was version 1.x, depending on jena is now
considered officially deprecated and has been moved into a branch


we don't know if development is ever going to continue on this branch,
but it's unlikely. No releases are planned on this branch. All the
features of Longwell 1.x will be moved over to Longwell 2.x over time
and improved.

  2) the longwell2 branch (which is the one piggy bank and semantic bank
depend on) is now the official supported version of longwell and the one
officially supported.

  3) longwell2 has been split into two branches:

    a) trunk -> where development takes place


    b) stable -> where only bugfixing takes place


  4) the developers will be *FORCED* to commit minor bugfixes to both
*BOTH* stable *and* trunk. The procedure for this is rather simple (from
the command line):

    a) let us assume that you have both longwell2 (stable) and
longwell2-dev (trunk) checked out.

    b) let's assume that you apply the bugfix to longwell2-dev (which is
where you normally make development changes)

    c) svn commit . [this commits the change, make sure you remember the
revision number at the end of the commit message, let's call this number R1]

    c) cd ../longwell2

    d) svn update [this makes sure you are at the very last revision of
this branch, the revision number if printed out, let's call this number R2]

    e) svn merge -r R1:R2 \
       http://simile.mit.edu/repository/longwell/trunk/ .

which basically says: "get a diff of the revision R1 and R2 of the trunk
branch and patch the current local repository with it

    f) svn commit . [commits the new 'stable' branch with the
trunk-diffed patch back to the repository]

  5) if you have longwell2 checked out from the branches/2.0 URL, you
should 'cd' into it and type:

    svn switch http://simile.mit.edu/repository/longwell/trunk/

this will tell subversion that now the branch URL was moved.

  6) my suggestion is to use "longwell2" as the name of the "stable"
checkout and "longwell2-dev" or "longwell2-trunk" as the name of the
"development" checkout, this is because both semantic bank and piggy
bank depend on 'longwell2' as the folder name.

  7) the release of piggy-bank and semantic-bank will be made *only*
depending on the stable longwell branch from now on

  8) any major code that is moved from 'trunk' to 'stable' will require
a vote (this to avoid longwell changes to disrupt piggy-bank or

If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions, don't hesitate to speak up.

Stefano Mazzocchi
Research Scientist                 Digital Libraries Research Group
Massachusetts Institute of Technology            location: E25-131C
77 Massachusetts Ave                   telephone: +1 (617) 253-1096
Cambridge, MA  02139-4307              email: stefanom at mit . edu
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