Re: RDF and Web services?

From: zucker <>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 13:30:42 -0500

Hello Rickard,

  Perhaps you should check out Taverna and the MyGrid project? See the
forwarded message below...



attached mail follows:


John Michon wrote:

> Web services should also help guide our thinking in terms of use cases.

We have a large (circa 3000) registry of public biomedical services
(mostly web services) built as part of the myGrid project [1], one way
of using these services is through the Taverna workbench [2].

Currently these are being annotated in RDF and/or OWL although a
human-readable list [3] is also available. (See also BioMOBY post on
homologs for yeast proteins earlier [4])...

I have a set of use cases* for describing these services in order to
facilitate their (semi-)automagic discovery and interoperation using
reasoning. Vipul, can we incorporate these into the "Ontology Working
Group" deliverable somehow?


* this now includes the yeast protein goid example from Chris Mungall


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