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From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 14:49:08 -0500

Zak Mc Kracken wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm trying Longwell and seems to be a good piece of software, thanks to
> all the developers...
> I have a problem with "allowAdd" in bundles/<name>/, I've
> attempted to set this parameter at true, I expected some "add" or "+"
> button afterwards but anything is changed.
> Does this option mean what I mean, that it's possible to edit and add
> the items in a data set?
> Thanks in Advance
> Marco

Hi Marco (Zak?),

You may want to consider using Longwell 2 as Longwell 1.x has been

If it's working properly, the allowAdd option allows you to upload data
to Longwell 1.x by introducing a new form element in the upper right of
the page. The form takes a URI and adds whatever's found at that URI to
the data store. If you also have scuttering turned on, it will follow
any rdfs:seeAlso links found to gather yet more data.

Software built on Longwell 2.x such as Piggy Bank and Semantic Bank are
designed to allow the addition of new data.

None of our releases have an editing feature, though.

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