Re: RDF tagged data and Views in Piggy Bank

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 18:06:46 -0500

Anupam Jain wrote:
> Thanks.
> By my second question, I was referring to the views in Piggy Bank for which we
> have tabs on top (Calendar view, Graph View etc.).
> Particularly, when I load the Graph View, it says 'No Predicates loaded'
> although I can see all the RDF tags in the 'exported' display.

That part is experimental and has been removed from the latest nightly

We'll come back to it as soon as we can, but that won't happen before
next month.

> Anupam
> Quoting David Huynh <>:
>> Anupam Jain wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have been using Solvent/Piggy Bank for quite sometime trying to make and
>> use
>>> scrapers.
>>> I had two questions :
>>> 1) Is there anyway I can access the 'pure' information directly ? (without
>> using
>>> Piggy Bank). For example, Can I view the html page with 'tagged RDF data'
>> or
>>> the RDF Model itself? The reason I ask that is, suppose I want to do more
>>> advanced processing with the extracted data, if I have the data in my own
>>> database, for example, then it would be easier for me to process it.
>> There is no API to that data inside Piggy Bank. But for any view of the
>> data, you can get out the RDF by expanding the Commands tab and clicking
>> Export. Actually, that Export command simply points your browser to the
>> same Piggy Bank URL that you are seeing, but with one URL parameter
>> changed (command=browse -> command=export).
>> David
>>> 2) I have been playing around with the 'Views' in piggy bank but could not
>>> really get them working/get to know what they are about. I dont think there
>> is
>>> still a documentation for that. Can you breifly tell me, what do they
>> actually
>>> do?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Anupam

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