[status] weekly report

From: Ryan Lee <ryanlee_at_w3.org>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 13:44:22 -0500

Last week:

  - Placed Fresnel-Longwell code in repository thanks to Stefano's reorg

  - Facet guessing code now configurable and usable in conjunction with
Fresnel configuring and explicit choices made by users

  - Added a file watcher for Fresnel configuration for live reloading on

  - Modifying Fresnel display to more closely resemble Longwell
rendering, adding back references, title + URI similar to default
render, using Ajax calls

  - Working on Fresnel lenses for Barton and DSpace RDF data from
Stefano to exercise bugs and test features

  - Restored Longwell W3C TR demo [moved to edna]

This week:

  - Make sure transforms from Fresnel output to XHTML follow Fresnel

  - Work on Fresnel formats for data, work with feedback on lenses

  - Fresnel buglist:
   - property output is improperly nested - XSLT should not be
outputting invalid XML, not sure where the root of this problem is
   - facet ordering displays incorrectly, though Fresnel code returns it
in the proper order; again, need to find the root of this problem
   - Fresnel plays badly with Unicode
   - Label lenses are rendering incorrectly, needs to be overhauled
   - List of available explicit facets does not take configured set into
account; don't recall if this was by design or no

  - Architect Ajax calls for CSS

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