Sesame C-Store Sail

From: Ian Wilson <>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 04:38:43 -0700


I spoke with Eric Miller briefly a few weeks ago (w3c life
sciences sig) about how a C-Store Sail for Sesame would be
interesting. I stated that I had brought up C-Store in a
previous message on the Simile list, but no one seemed

Eric said there was already a project being discussed at
Simile to do this, and to bring the topic up again since it
probably got overlooked. So, that's the purpose of this
message. :-)

For those that have followed Google's BigTable work (Google
Base), C-Store is similar to this. Basically, storage of data
by column rather than by row.

I'm be curious to know if you plan to implement this(?).

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