Re: [Bulk] Re: allowAdd

From: Zak Mc Kracken <>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 10:42:12 +0000

Ryan Lee wrote:
> Hi Marco (Zak?),

Marco... ;-) Thank you for the answer.

> You may want to consider using Longwell 2 as Longwell 1.x has been
> deprecated.

> If it's working properly, the allowAdd option allows you to upload
> data to Longwell 1.x by introducing a new form element in the upper
> right of Software built on Longwell 2.x such as Piggy Bank and
> Semantic Bank are designed to allow the addition of new data.
> None of our releases have an editing feature, though.

I've downloaded the code from the address I found on the link "Browse
the code", using svn. Using file search, I've found that "allowAdd" is
never mentioned in the code, it's present only in files.

So, I guess that the flag is there for software built on the top of
Longwell, like Semantic Bank and Piggy Bank. Right?

Thank you in advance.

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