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From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 18:18:29 -0500

Hi Lisa,

Smith, Lisa wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a newbie trying to set up Longwell. If this is not the appropriate
> venue for my inquiries, can you please steer me to where I can find
> solutions?

This is the right place. Longwell 1.x is considered deprecated code though.

I'll tell you right off that what you're asking for can't be
accomplished by modifying config.n3. The suggestions I make involve
augmenting your data since Longwell 1.x doesn't have the level of
control you're seeking. The development version of Longwell 2.x is
moving in a direction where some day you might be able to do exactly the
things you're looking for without touching the data.

> Issue #1: I am not sure how to specify display labels for my facet name
> or property field name.

The data you want to browse should include some ontology statements.
You would, in your ontology data (not in the config file), specify
something along the lines of

  bdc:directory_business_category_product rdf:type rdf:Property ;
    rdfs:label "Products" .

> Issue #2: I am not sure how to specify display labels for values.

You could run some basic rules that deduced ?x pcv:label ?y (implies) ?x
rdfs:label ?y. Fine grained control over which properties to use as
labels is not available in Longwell 1.x. The algorithm is, I think, to
look for rdfs:label, then dc:type, then use the resource's URI or faux
bnode "URI."

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