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From: Smith, Lisa <lsmith_at_business.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 14:46:44 -0800



I'm a newbie trying to set up Longwell. If this is not the appropriate
venue for my inquiries, can you please steer me to where I can find


Issue #1: I am not sure how to specify display labels for my facet name
or property field name.


Here is my example from my config.n3 (I have a lot more than this, but
just to strip it down to the bare bones...):


:directory disp:displayProperties (


) .


:directory disp:displayFacets (


) .


(_at_prefix bdc is specified as http://www.bdc.com/namespaces/bdc/1.0/)


How do I set a display label of "Products" for this displayProperty and



Issue #2: I am not sure how to specify display labels for values.


Example of an item with property field name
bdc:directory_business_category_product and its associated value:


t: directory_business_category_product:009CD9F52801471B9DA3E2956F36B8C0


In my dataset, the entry for this value is...









I would like Longwell to use the <pcv:label> as the display label. How
do I specify that? Do I set that up in the config.n3 file?


The output I am looking for if I can resolve both issues is an item that
has a field value pair of Products:CABLES in the facet for Products.


Thanks for your help!

Cheers, Lisa


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