:::: A lazy poll - revisited -> a final - verbose - try on cUrl -> sorted

From: Patrik Holmer <NNTP.psbh_at_telia.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 16:36:44 +0100

David and Steve,

the problem is temporarily sorted and seems to be an very odd java-version

Using a well-oiled triple-upload jdk1.5.0_05 enviroment, I had to return to
a *fully implemented* C:\Program\Java\j2sdk1.4.2_04 environment, check-out
and Ant the Longwell-tag at large - /stable - and the semantic-bank in
trunk, then every N3 and RDF - in US/en - worked flawlessly. Sad thing
though, that everything else on a machine has to be JAVA_HOME'd and CP'd to
latter versions of Java as jdk1.5.0_05 on a run basis.

So, closing the thread...

...a final question of interest to me:

Has the developers at simile.mit.edu a public forum where up-to-date compile
and run pre-requisites regarding the different versions of your
Simile-application is stated? I believe it would fit in your Semantic Bank

Any-how, thank's for your assistance. It helped.

// Patrik

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Från: David Huynh [mailto:dfhuynh_at_csail.mit.edu]
Skickat: torsdag den 16 februari 2006 14:19
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Ämne: Re: SV: SV: A lazy poll - revisited -> a final - verbose - try on cUrl

I'm guessing that the bank is trying to parse the stream as N3 but the
stream is actually RDF/XML. You might want to put some logging into the
bank's code (actually, probably Longwell code) and see if the stream is
considered N3 or RDF/XML.


Patrik Holmer wrote:

>Steve and David,
>any idea why Semantic-bank, not cURL, reports the following fatal error
>when I'm cURL-posting an RDF7XML as the provided owl.rdf?
>edu.mit.simile.SimileUtilities - Fatal error: Expected '.', found '<'
>at http://localhost:8888/bank/bank# [1,-1]
>Is it a localization issue - i.e. about character sets used - or is
>there a latter 'POST ...format=rdfxml'-version of semantic-bank than
>the SVN TAG:ged semantic-bank-2.1.1?
>Sorry about your missing name in the previous post. <8)
>// Patrik
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>Från: Steve Dunham [mailto:dunhamsteve_at_gmail.com]
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>Ämne: Re: SV: A lazy poll - revisited -> a final - verbose - try on
>On 2/15/06, David Huynh <dfhuynh_at_csail.mit.edu> wrote:
>>Hi Patrik,
>>It seems like the parameter format=rdfxml didn't make it according to
>>this log from the bank:
>>org.mortbay.http.HttpConnection - POST /bank/bank?command=upload
>>So, the format is N3 by default. Did the URL get truncated somehow?
>Yeah, you have to put quotes around the url because the "&" is a shell
>metacharacter. I had mistyped in my original post (I tend to
>self-correct when I type things into the command line).
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