Longwell, Semantic Bank, Fresnel

From: Zak Mc Kracken <zakmck73_at_yahoo.it>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 18:08:05 +0000

Hi All,

I've studied a little bit Longwell and things around it. Sorry, maybe
mine are silly questions, and sorry for the length of this message, but
I feel a bit like on raft in the middle of the ocean...

I have an OWL model of an application domain

I'd like to build my own simple editor/browser of this information,
either by modifying Longwell code (or Semantic Bank or ...?), or using
some lower level code, such as some implementation of Fresnel, that I
could invoke from a servlet of my own, or from a a Java class, the alike
way it's possible with Velocity templates, or with XML/XSL transforming.

More precisely, I imagine my code fetches some RDF (or some URIs) and
then pass it to Fresnel templates (lenses, selectors etc.), for the
rendering, and eventually I have back some HTML to be output (ideally: a
result type of String or a StringWriter/JspWriter filled with HTML).

I would prefer to code things this way, because it doesn't seem that
Longwell architecture fit the kind of visualization that I want, that is
quite dependent on the type of class being shown, and often the model
"Subject-->Properties" is not so appropriate (BioDASH,
http://www.w3.org/2005/04/swls/BioDash/Demo/, is a similar example,
where the visualization model needs to be rather flexible).

Moreover, I don't need only browsing capabilities, but also the user
should be able to see data, let's say a foaf:Person stored in my triple
store, in a editing form and change it, the same way we currently do
with non semantic web applications.

Finally, I would like that the user has no need to download/install
anything locally, just point the browser to some URL, where my
application would answer.

Is this possible with Longwell? May it be changed/extended to suite this
needs? May I use it as a "programmer-oriented Frensnel implementation",
in the sense explained above? Does anyone know tools that may help me?

Thank you in advance for a kind reply, and for the patience in reading...

Marco Brandizi <brandizi_AT_ebi___ac_uk>
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