Re: Longwell on OS X, naive questions

From: Jon Crump <>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 10:17:02 -0800 (PST)


That's exactly why I'm so puzzled. I checked out longwell/stable from using svn and built it
using ant. Is there anyplace on my system where old longwell-1 stuff might
be hiding and creating lots of odd problems, some apache thing maybe,
because I have lots of odd problems. I've dumped firefox several times,
created new user profiles, checked out fresh copies of longwell and PB,
put them in different places, renamed them. It's exactly as if Longwell
and PB continue to execute some sort of ghost code that still exists in
another dimension. (:^o ooooo

Any diagnostic clues you might be able to suggest would be a big help.


On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, Ryan Lee wrote:
> It sounds precisely like you're using an older version. Where did you get
> it? The latest and greatest is in the repository, not in a package.
> The old behavior governing which facet boxes are initially open was based on
> some analysis. There's an algorithm for making those choices in the Java if
> you're interested. It's completely disabled in the latest repository
> version.
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