Re: Longwell on OS X, naive questions

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 13:43:37 -0500

Hi Jon,

You want the trunk, not the stable branch, for the latest stuff.
Longwell 2.0 has sort of snuck in in certain places without a lot of
fanfare, sorry for the confusion. Look at the main Longwell page if
ever you're uncertain about something.

Jon Crump wrote:
> Ryan,
> That's exactly why I'm so puzzled. I checked out longwell/stable from
> using svn and built it
> using ant. Is there anyplace on my system where old longwell-1 stuff
> might be hiding and creating lots of odd problems, some apache thing
> maybe, because I have lots of odd problems. I've dumped firefox several
> times, created new user profiles, checked out fresh copies of longwell
> and PB, put them in different places, renamed them. It's exactly as if
> Longwell and PB continue to execute some sort of ghost code that still
> exists in another dimension. (:^o ooooo
> Any diagnostic clues you might be able to suggest would be a big help.
> Jon
> On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, Ryan Lee wrote:
>> It sounds precisely like you're using an older version. Where did you
>> get it? The latest and greatest is in the repository, not in a package.
>> The old behavior governing which facet boxes are initially open was
>> based on some analysis. There's an algorithm for making those choices
>> in the Java if you're interested. It's completely disabled in the
>> latest repository version.

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