::: Semantic-bank: Does flairs and facades still tick in SB-2.1.1? -> a bit of weeding-out... -> nope, even with stable LW2

From: Patrik Holmer <NNTP.psbh_at_telia.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 14:12:16 +0200


Thank's for your response.

I've tried a subclipsed Longwell2-stable and the trunked Semantic-bank. It
still gets stuck with a HTTP ERROR 500 - Failed to initialize Velocity
engine. A Longwell2-specific try-catch-error as uniquely defined in

Any-how, I'm not going to push this issue any further, being Open Source -
an' all. So, when time given, I assume 'we the community' will have to
provide a solution to this problem.

I'll carve this problem into the Issue tracker, under Flair and
Semantic-bank, though.

// Patrik

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Ämne: Re: :: Semantic-bank: Does flairs and facades still tick in SB-2.1.1?
-> a bit of weeding-out...

Patrik Holmer wrote:
> Ryan,
> about what used to work in the Semantic-bank-2.1.1-tagged version: A
> back-to-basics test, loading all the ontologies, followed by
> configurations and facades available under ../src - as suggested at
> the end of http://simile.mit.edu/semantic-bank/install.html, doesn't
> result in any Starting Points displayed. Any-how, I'll follow your
> advice and check out the trunked version of SB, Ant-it and return
> concrete findings to the discussion group.

I may refrain from fully answering your follow up emails because of my gaffe
here - you should be trying SB against the stable branch of Longwell, not
the trunk. We haven't even tested that and it isn't part of our plan to in
the near term future.

Sorry to point you down the wrong road, you may want to come back to this
point and start down the stable path to see where it leads you.

> By the way, I find many issues, as mine, to be nothing but specific
> user issues - or, at worst, a colloquial "1337". So, assuming you have
> access to an activity report, how frequent is the use of the Issue
> Tracker at both ends of the table?
> More specifically, are the issues monitored daily by it's project

I'm not sure what form of answer you're looking for on the user end.
People do use it, but it's not a daily occurence. We are watching the issue
tracker regularly.

> Further, what about making the Issue tracker as accessible as the
> mailing lists on the http://simile.mit.edu Front Page? That would be
> the already displayed 'Join us by subscribing to our mailing lists'
> followed by a new link of 'Log on to the Issue Tracker to handle your
> [Simile] issues' - http://simile.mit.edu/issues/secure/Dashboard.jspa.
> If nothing less, it might help to ease the word-per-minute count.

Perhaps, we'll consider it.

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