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From: marlène delhaye <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 09:17:44 -0500

Good afternoon MacKensie,

>I completely understand your frustration with the poor support for
>diacritics, etc., in this process. But the source of the problem is really
>with the poor data transfer standard (i.e. bibtex) and with the RefWorks
>export options. RefWorks only supports bibtex or its own, proprietary
>export formats, so we can only offer to support bibtex. And as you say,
>bibtex doesn't work very well for non-English data. To fix the data you
>don't have to use tools like "recode", you could edit your bibliography by
>hand before you upload it to Citeline, but I realize that would be a lot
>of work for you! I hope that someday that we can spend more time on this
>problem, since we also have a lot of non-English names, but unfortunately
>we lack the resources to do anything about it now. I do apologize.

What I don't understand, it's that when I export my Refworks file in bibtex
format into Zotero, it looks fine, the diacritics are ok. And when I export
to citeline (I've installed the Zotz plugin), the diacritics are
transformed in ??? or !!! characters, grrrrr.... ;-)
Maybe the Zotero guys could help on this matter ? What do you think ?


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