Re: AW: Pending vocabulary issues

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 00:24:43 -0400

>>>For 1., I agree that behavior is a separate issue, but turning a URI
>>>into a URL is a common enough occurence that it's worth including in
>>>core. I am going to include it since I think we've all pretty much
>>>stated our agreement and consider the matter resolved.
>>Yes. Wouldn't there be some XLink term we could reuse here? (just
> Yes, we should have something like that in Fresnel. Any concrete solution OK
> with me.

Is there an XLink term you're thinking of, Emmanuel? I'm not very
familiar with that spec.

>>>For 2., I ultimately proposed what's in:
>>>Agreeing on a name for this set of terms is also an important task. I
>>>don't much care what that name is.
>>You mean "PropertyTransform"?
> I'm open to having the Style vocabulary split. But I don't see a big
> difference between a style and a propertyTransform as long as the
> propertyTransform also has a transformDomain.

I think it really only makes sense in the context of shifting the rest
of the style vocabulary out of core...

> Ryan: Could you provide an more complete example than in the cited post on
> how PropertyTransform would be used?

(will write an example tomorrow)

>>>For 3., we come back a bit to the intermediate tree. If we are going to
>>>have a class attribute on tree elements, then we need a way to assign a
>>>value to that class in core. Back to hooks - I propose fresnel:hook
>>>"foo"^^xsd:string on a lens.
>>"hook" seems a little bit too general for me. Could we introduce the
>>notion of styling in it? Maybe "stylingHook", or "classHook".

True enough. stylingHook sounds appropriate.

> Where exactly would you use this property? How would you style a lens with a
> single hook to a CSS class? I think it would also be cool to have an
> extended example, so that we can dicuss pros and cons.

I imagine there are different points at which you would use a hook so
you could attach a class at different points in an intermediate tree.

(will write an example tomorrow)

>>>4. I've already added primaryClasses to the core vocab but I don't
>>>recall hearing agreement that it's the right thing to do from all.
>>What was it about? I don't remember this.
> The issue was to define some classes as primary (like foaf:Person) and have
> the other as secodnard classes (like vCard:adress), which would give the
> browser hints on where to start.
> I'm not totally convinced that we need this. But it is OK with me if Ryan
> wants to put it in.

Consider it added and resolved, then.

I came up with a couple new issues while looking over my style parsing code.

5. styleDomain and... styleResourceDomain? We make a distinction for
different kinds of lenses (class vs. instance domain) but we don't for
styling resources vs. styling properties. I wonder if we'd also have to
distinguish styling classes vs. styling instances,

6. Non-existent styleDomain for some styles. This does make sense if a
style is only used in a fresnel:use relationship, but *Domain has been
the definining one-step inference in implementation so far. Could we
possibly say something like fresnel:styleDomain fresnel:null, where the
idea is that the domain of the style is considered irrelevant? The
style wouldn't be applied except where specified in fresnel:use.

7. {container,property,etc.}Style are used to refer to a
<something.css#a> resource in Chris' examples, I'm not sure what that's
supposed to mean. Sorry for not remembering; I don't recall how that
was supposed to accomplish something in practice?

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