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From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 20:18:48 -0400

>> Ryan: Could you provide an more complete example than in the cited
>> post on
>> how PropertyTransform would be used?
> (will write an example tomorrow)

:myImages a fresnel:PropertyTransform ;
    fresnel:transformDomain foaf:depiction ;
    fresnel:transformDomain my:image ;
    fresnel:value fresnel:image ;
    fresnel:valueSeparator [
       fresnel:contentFirst "[ " ;
       fresnel:contentAfter " | " ;
       fresnel:contentLast " ]" ]
    fresnel:label "can be seen in"^^xsd:string .

It looks a lot like moving the :*Style terms out of core and,
eventually, giving it a more appropriate name.

>> Where exactly would you use this property? How would you style a lens
>> with a
>> single hook to a CSS class? I think it would also be cool to have an
>> extended example, so that we can dicuss pros and cons.
> I imagine there are different points at which you would use a hook so
> you could attach a class at different points in an intermediate tree.
> (will write an example tomorrow)

:foafPersonDefaultLens a fresnel:Lens ;
     fresnel:purpose fresnel:defaultLens ;
     fresnel:lensDomain foaf:Person ;
     fresnel:group :foafGroup ;
     fresnel:stylingHook "person"^^xsd:string ;
     fresnel:showProperties ( foaf:name
                              [ a fresnel:PropertyDetails ;
                                fresnel:stylingHook "knows"^^xsd:string ;
                                fresnel:property foaf:knows ;
                                fresnel:sublens :friendsLens ) .

:friendsLens a fresnel:Lens ;
     fresnel:lensDomain foaf:Person ;
     fresnel:group :foafGroup ;
     fresnel:group :tableGroup ;
     fresnel:stylingHook "friend"^^xsd:string ;
     fresnel:showProperties ( foaf:name
                              foaf:email ) .

I'm pretty sure a CSS selector could be written to cover interesting
cases using what's here:

- style a person:

- a person's properties
   .person .fresnel:property

- properties' values
   .person .fresnel:property .fresnel:value

- friend:
   .person .friend

- foaf:know's label's value:
   .person .knows .fresnel:label

- foaf:know's value's label:
   .person .knows .fresnel:value .fresnel:label

The major drawback for this scheme is the gain from fresnel:Style, that
you could assign a hook to a property completely independently of the
lens. It could perhaps be used on lenses and the non-presentational
resources since the idea is to assign a user-defined symbol to a certain
part of the tree.

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