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From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 17:18:52 +0200

Chris Bizer wrote:

>>What are we aiming to accomplish by then?
>>- concensus on Fresnel goals
> Maybe it would be good to write down the requirements again and have people
> agree to them first. Afterwards they should be frozen. What do you think?

Yes. We should probably centralize this through a document stored in
SVN. It is hard to do that only through the mailing list.

>>- finalize terms
> Which means that we have to take two decisions (maybe by voting):
> - Do we keep the name 'style' or do we use another name?

I haven't found anything better.

> - Do we stick with the box model as described in the current spec or do we
> use Ryan's proposal for attaching CSS for now?

That depends on what requirements we agree on.

>>- publish core ontology that's as complete in its description as possible
> Which means updating the current Fresnel
> - specification
> - OWL ontologies
> - Examples
> - Website
>>- publish Fresnel website to
> - write a paper for the workshop based on our current draft paper.

We can. But then this is not a position paper. This is a research paper.

> I still think the idea of having a *standard* way of expressing lenses (+
> maybe styles) is to be able to share display knowledge between different
> browsers.

Yes, otherwise it is pointless. I think everybody agrees with the
general idea. Where people disagree is where we should stop sharing
dknowledge across browsers: i.e., should it include CSS/styling
instructions or not.

> I think it would really be good to have a fixed timeline.
> What about:
> - 30th May: Requirements agreed upon (and not changeable anymore).
> - 15th June: Decisions about the pending vocabulary issues taken.
> - 30th June: Documentation and examples updated, W3C Website published.
> - 15th July: Some online demo available based on Ryan's implementation.
> - 30th July: Paper submitted.

That sounds good. Note that I won't be able to work on this from July
23rd to the deadline. But we can work on the paper in parallel with the
implementation phase.

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