Re: AW: still stuck on requirements

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 15:42:35 +0200

David R. Karger wrote:

> > But note that eg a graph layout tool may not have a good way to
> > display those people "together". Or more generally, that a
> > hierarchical layout is overly restrictive for a tool that shows
> > arbitrary graphs.
> Styling information in Fresnel, according to the presentation model
> called the box model, is to be "interpreted" by each application
> according to its underlying representation model. Applications are free
> to interpret and/or ignore styling instructions depending on their
> relevance w.r.t the representation model.
> So you are saying that this notion of things being grouped together is
> "styling information"? Then why is it part of the lens portion rather
> than the style portion?

Things being grouped together (I'm refering to fresnel:showProperties
here) is essentially layout information when interpreted by an
application that wants to present the data to the user. So it depends
whether you consider layout as part of styling or not. I do.

Now, showProperties is part of the lens vocabulary because the primary
purpose of showProperties is to *select* what data should be shown for a
given (type of) resource. The fact that specified properties get
"grouped" together coud in some way be considered as a side effect
(although it is wanted). My point is that showProperties is more about
selection than styling, though there is indeed an overlap.

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