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From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 12:55:27 -0400

Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
> Ryan Lee wrote:
>>>>> - be able to apply styling instructions based on conditions at the
>>>>> source RDF model level, i.e. be able to say things like "color in
>>>>> red all ex:age properties that have a value > to 47".
>>>> This is not a core requirement, is it? I agree that being able to
>>>> distinguish part of the RDF model for later styling is important,
>>>> but complex conditions implies that it's outside of core's
>>>> capabilities.
>>> No, this is not part of core. But I think it would be really useful.
>>> And I guess it has consequences on the overall design.
>> Perhaps if the style hook proposal is general enough it could be
>> adapted for this.
> I'm not sure. Do you have any specific idea in mind about how this could
> help ?

If the styleHook predicate is structured properly, then one could attach
a hook to any part of the graph (resource, property, object, label,
etc.) no matter what selection conditions apply. So (embellishing a bit
on my last proposal) :resourceHook, :propertyHook, :objectHook, etc.

>>> - do we want a namespace for results/resource/property/...?
>> Yes. I made one up for my purposes, but we should agree on one.
> Ok. Something like the final Fresnel NS URI (used in the ontology files)
> + some suffix ?

I had used

I suppose we should produce an XML Schema for this. I haven't done much
of that before...

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