Re: Styling class proposal

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 17:05:51 -0400

Chris Bizer wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
> using resource, property and label hook on Fresnel:groups is a nice idea,
> which prevents us from having to use fresnel:allProperties as styledomain
> value as done in some of the examples.
> What do you mean with the "assumption of containment is removed"?

The box model is done away with. There is no presumption that, say, an
XHTML tree is structured with the property element nested inside its
subject resource element.

> Leaving out the CSS instructions and using CSS classes instead is also
> possible with the current design. Do you opt for removing the *option* to
> have CSS instructions inside Fresnel? If yes, for what reasons?

In core, yes. Please see my preceding mail to the list (chronologically

> For me both approaches are equivalent on the semantic level anyway and thus
> just a syntactic convenience issue.

I don't agree. Assigning a symbol is not the same as assigning an
explicit instruction. You are supposed to interpret and execute an
instruction; you can't execute a symbol.

As Stefano and I have agreed, CSS instructions should not be part of
core because view portability is not one of our goals. Thus CSS
instructions won't be interepreted by everybody (e.g., not all will
place the CSS instructions into style="" attributes on XHTML elements).
  It should be classified as an extension instead of an implementation
requirement, which is what I believe 'core' is supposed to mean.

> To make sure I understood your proposal, is it right that your example could
> be translated into the current vocabulary as follows?
>>my:peopleGroup a fresnel:Group ;
>> fresnel:groupResourceHook "my-fr-resources"^^fresnel:css-class ;
>> fresnel:groupPropertyHook "my-fr-properties"^^fresnel:css-class ;
>> fresnel:groupLiteralHook "my-fr-values"^^fresnel:css-class ;
>> fresnel:labelHook "my-fr-labels"^^fresnel:css-class .
> my:peopleGroup a fresnel:Group ;
> fresnel:resourceStyle "my-fr-resources"^^fresnel:css-class ;
> fresnel:propertyStyle "my-fr-properties"^^fresnel:css-class ;
> fresnel:valueStyle "my-fr-values"^^fresnel:css-class ;
> fresnel:labelStyle "my-fr-labels"^^fresnel:css-class .

I don't think those predicates were intended to be interpreted in the
same way. The property/value/label styles, as I recall, were only
supposed to be used on fresnel:Style's, applying to specific instances
of those three things. The ones I suggest are intended to apply to
anything that is a resource/property/etc. in that group. If the box
model is included in consideration, then they don't mean the same thing
at all.

>>my:knowsTransform a fresnel:Transform ;
>> fresnel:transformProperty foaf:knows ;
>> fresnel:propertyHook "foaf-knows"^^fresnel:css-class ;
>> fresnel:valueHook "foaf-known"^^fresnel:css-class ;
>> fresnel:valueSeparator [ fresnel:contentAfter "|" ].
> my:knowsTransform a fresnel:Lens ;
> fresnel:styleDomain foaf:knows ;
> fresnel:propertyStyle "foaf-knows"^^fresnel:css-class ;
> fresnel:valueStyle "foaf-known"^^fresnel:css-class ;
> fresnel:contentAfter "|" .

I will assume you meant fresnel:Style instead of fresnel:Lens, in which
case they are effectively the same thing.

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