Re: AW: catchup thoughts

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 08:35:41 +0200

David R. Karger wrote:

> Hi David,
> >
> > I've spent a whole week catching up on the fresnel list archives, so
> > now want to send out various thought. Probably too late to be useful,
> > but just in case, here is the first:
> >
> Yes, there is kind of a timing problem. There are already two Fresnel
> implementations close to being finished (Ryan in Java and Hannes in PHP) and
> I therefore think we shouldn't discuss the overall design anymore but wait
> until the implementations are finished and until we got more modelling
> experience with Fresnel. If we then find problems with the current design,
> we can still think about a redesign for Fresnel version 2.0
> We also got a fixed schedule for finishing the last open issues. There has
> been agreement on the requirements for the styling part and we will nail
> down the style vocabulary until next Wednesday.
> There might be an alternative proposal for the styling part by Ryan or we
> will stay with the current design.
> > I am now of the impression that there are _three_ distinct layers in
> > our ontology. Right now what we call "selection" involves both
> > selection and grouping. We should separate them.
> Maybe, maybe not. Having them mixed is making modelling easier. Separating
> them is correct from the theoretical point of view.
> How will emmanual make use of grouping in isaviz? Isn't he only going
> to want the selection part?

I want the formatting part to (what we now call fresnel:Format), and I
can exploit grouping information to some extent (grouping property/value
pairs in tables, as I already do with GSS).

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