Re: Final review of the manual

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 16:18:02 -0400

Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
> Chris Bizer wrote:
>> Proposed changes:
>> - The manual shouldn't require the browser to issue warnings if it is
>> in a undecideable lens or format selection situation. I think the user isn't
>> interested in these warnings but just wants the information rendered
>> somehow. For this reason, classic web browsers also don't display
>> warnings for CSS errors but just quietly ignore the CSS they don't understand.
> Yes. I did not have the user in mind when I was considering warnings,
> but more the Fresnel stylesheet programmer/debugger. There should be a
> debug mode that warns about conflicts.

Indeed; I'll have to work on making that divide in my implementation.

>> Editorial Comments:
>> - I think it would be good to move the last paragraph of section 1.2
>> about selector languages to section 1.3, as it isn't about Vocabulary Modules.
> Or rename "Vocabulary modules" into "Modules".
>> - Change the introduction of section 2.1 as the current text is only
>> about instanceLensDomain and not general.
> It would indeed be better to say something about classLensDomain. The
> problem is that classLensDomain only makes sens in subsection "Simple
> Selectors".
>> - We are still having an inconsistency with the usage of the terms
>> "resource" and instance. In section 1 subsection terminology we say
>> that we take an ontological view using the terms Class/Instance/Property/Value.
>> But in formatting vocabulary we are talking about "resourceFormat"
>> "resourceStyle" and "ResourceBox". I guess we should decide on one
>> term. Any preferences?
> I vote for instance instead of resource.

I think this might be confusing without a classFormat, etc. I prefer
resource here since it encompasses both.

>> Edits to the document:
>> - changed Fresnel:url into Fresnel:externalLink in section 1.1.
>> - moved the examples about formatting properties from the introduction of
>> secton 3 to section 3.1 about formatting properties.
>> - I moved the section about Fresnel use from section 4 to the end of
>> section 3.1 as it isn't about groups.
>> - Moved the section about including CSS/SVG styling instructions into
>> Fresnel stylesheets to section 6.4
> ok
>> What about the extended vocabs? Does this still need discussion or do we
>> leave it like this for now? (Which would be OK for me)
> I think we should leave them as is for now, start playing with Fresnel
> "for real" and when we have enough experience come back to extended vocabs.


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