Re: AW: Final review of the manual

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 13:42:34 +0200

Chris Bizer wrote:

> I'm considering the discussion about the core vocab closed now.
> What about you?

So do I.

> What are our next steps now?
> We are having three things on our agenda:
> 1. Get the W3C website up.
> 2. Get something running "for real"
> 3. Write the workshop paper

Ryan and I are working on 2. Ryan's doing most of the work. I'm only
working on FSL implementation.

> Ryan: Anything new about the first point?
> I'm also thinking that it is crucial for the workshop paper to be backed by
> running code. Everybody I told about Fresnel till now said "Nice, but where
> can I try it?" So it would really be a big bonus to talk about some
> implementation in the paper.

It is indeed very important. It would be nice to have something concrete
that our paper's reviewers can try. However, the true "deadline" for
running code is ISWC in November, not the workshop deadline. Though,
again, we have a better chance of being accepted if we have something
concrete to show reviewers.

I intend to finish my implementation of FSL in Jena this week, though it
won't be of much use to Ryan as is (we'll need to make some changes to
adapt it to the RDF lib Ryan's using, Sesame IIRC).

I intend to work on the paper from the end of this week until Friday 22nd.

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