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From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 18:21:16 -0400

Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
> Chris Bizer wrote:
>> I'm considering the discussion about the core vocab closed now. What
>> about you?
> So do I.

Almost... I realized a few small things while working through the
format implementation.

The first is minor. There should be a labelFormat property for, e.g.,
if you want to display "name: John" with the colon. It's just that
contentAfter/contentLast and contentBefore/contentFirst will end up
being the same thing, but that already follows from what we've written
up on content* conflicts. If fresnel:label is fresnel:none, I think I
would ignore any labelFormat information. Thoughts?

The second is a bit more interesting. label and valueFormat can both be
interpreted only one way because labelFormat is just a specific
individual, and valueFormat is just for a set of values that can't be
distinguished from one another. Unfortunately, propertyFormat is
usefully interpreted as either - one specific property (used in multiple
resources), or a set of properties belonging to one resource. The same
could go for resources if resourceFormat were allowed for use on a Group.

If I choose just the 'set of properties' interpretation, I can separate
properties with a '|' character, but I can't add any specific extra
explanation to the my:foobar predicate in the display. The problems
swap if interpreted the other way. Likewise for resources.

Do we want different properties to address this distinction? We could
specify that there would be no conflict resolution, so both properties'
directives would show up. Or should we pick just one interpretation, as
we already did before (sort of, by specifying which domain a content
*Format was valid for)?

As mentioned above, are we interested in making *Format available to
Groups? Unlike *Style, there would probably have to be some conflict
resolution where the more specific domain formats would override the
group scoped ones. If I wanted to say that all labels should end with
':,' it would be easier with a Group. Would all formats be group-wise

Lastly, does contentNoValue apply to every formatting it's used in? It
clearly doesn't make sense in a valueFormat since one must be missing
the entire triple in a model, not just a value. It makes sense for
propertyFormat and intereferes with label resolution in labelFormat. I
can't think of how to implement it smoothly for resources, especially
specific instances, but I don't think it should be applied at that level
anyways (and this is irrelevant if resourceFormat can't be used on a Group).

Sorry about the glut of new issues.

>> What are our next steps now?
>> We are having three things on our agenda:
>> 1. Get the W3C website up.
>> 2. Get something running "for real"
>> 3. Write the workshop paper
> Ryan and I are working on 2. Ryan's doing most of the work. I'm only
> working on FSL implementation.
>> Ryan: Anything new about the first point?

Working on what I wrote about above. It's the last step, and while a
big one, I can probably have a command-line transformer to show off
before the paper deadline. I don't know about Longwell integration, but
it will be a working interpreter.

>> I'm also thinking that it is crucial for the workshop paper to be
>> backed by
>> running code. Everybody I told about Fresnel till now said "Nice, but
>> where
>> can I try it?" So it would really be a big bonus to talk about some
>> implementation in the paper.
> It is indeed very important. It would be nice to have something concrete
> that our paper's reviewers can try. However, the true "deadline" for
> running code is ISWC in November, not the workshop deadline. Though,
> again, we have a better chance of being accepted if we have something
> concrete to show reviewers.
> I intend to finish my implementation of FSL in Jena this week, though it
> won't be of much use to Ryan as is (we'll need to make some changes to
> adapt it to the RDF lib Ryan's using, Sesame IIRC).
> I intend to work on the paper from the end of this week until Friday 22nd.

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