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Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 15:45:33 -0400


We have resourceFormat, propertyFormat, labelFormat, and valueFormat for
controlling where to add extra content in the box model. Our current
specification is that resourceFormat can be used only with
classFormatDomain and instanceFormatDomain and the other three can be
used only with propertyFormatDomain. While this does work, it presents
different interpretations of what a *Format property does.

valueFormat deals with all the child values (nodes) of the selected
property, but labelFormat deals with the specific label of the selected
property (it could technically be considered both since there are never
multiple labels). One deals with children, the other with the 'current'
graph position.

propertyFormat and resourceFormat are presently interpreted as
'current.' It might be useful for users if there were a mechanism for
adding extra content to 'all.'


A) Ryan's Preferences

   0. Add labelFormat (concensus here)

   1. Allow all *Format properties to be used on a fresnel:Group.
       These properties will be ordered with respect to properties
       used on a fresnel:Format as being 'outside' those properties'
       directives. e.g.,

       [ a fresnel:Group ;
         fresnel:propertyFormat [ fresnel:contentBefore "+" ] ] .
       [ a fresnel:Format ;
         fresnel:propertyFormatDomain "foaf:knows" ;
         fresnel:propertyFormat [ fresnel:contentBefore "[ " ;
                                  fresnel:contentAfter " ]" ; ]
         fresnel:labelFormat [ fresnel:contentAfter ":" ] ] .

       would result in "+ [ knows: ... ] + name ..." in textual form
       (where ... is some node value).

   2. Mint new term to reflect the difference between dealing with
       the 'current' position and children for properties. Use
       fresnel:allPropertiesFormat in conjunction with class- and

       Also :allResourcesFormat for :Group? Or even :all*Format
       exclusively for :Group use? Or 'child' instead of 'all'?

   3. Ordering / conflict:

       - Consider formats dealing with children to be a frame outside
         of the box, not interfering with the actual box. E.g., an
         allPropertyFormat on a resource will place its content 'outside'
         of every property, and if any property has further specific
         directives from a Format, those contents go inside the
         allPropertyFormat frame. The two do not influence one another.

       - Consider formats for a Group to be the outermost frame around
         the box. Again, they do not interfere with one another.

       - Only allow one instance of any *Format predicate on a given

       - instanceFormatDomain directives take precedence over

   4. Disallow use of :contentNoValue in conjunction with resource-
       and valueFormat.

B) Leave it alone (besides point 0.)

C) Something else.

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