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From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 22:51:23 -0400

Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
> Ryan Lee wrote:
>>>> 3. Ordering / conflict:
>>>> - Consider formats dealing with children to be a frame outside
>>>> of the box, not interfering with the actual box. E.g., an
>>>> allPropertyFormat on a resource will place its content
>>>> 'outside'
>>>> of every property, and if any property has further specific
>>>> directives from a Format, those contents go inside the
>>>> allPropertyFormat frame. The two do not influence one another.
>>> I'm not sure I like this idea of having one more box. In my mind,
>>> all*Format and group-level declarations are just a convenient way of
>>> declaring formatting properties that apply to many things once and
>>> for all.
>> Without calling it a box, I suppose my proposal is that these things be
>> additive instead of conflicting directives. The order of addition
>> relies on the scope of the directive. And in practice, I think the
>> content* strings will appear on the output as one element, not a set
>> of nested boxes.
> My concern is not really about boxes. It's about the scope of these
> declarations. I consider them to do the same thing. The only difference
> is that those declared at the group level apply to all formats that
> belong to the group, even if a format by itself does not declare them.
> Group-level declarations are thus just convenience methods and should
> not have a different semantics.

Group-level styles are added to any other applicable styles as it is
possible in XHTML to declare multiple classes on one element. This
allows you to e.g. say something about how every rendered resource
should look.

The same approach seems to make sense to me here as well. I think they
all do do the same thing, in a cumulative and ordered sense.

As there doesn't seem to be much enthusiasm for this feature, if my last
explanation doesn't hit home with both Emmanuel and Chris, then let's
drop the part of my proposal on using content* with groups and just
stick with what we had.

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