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From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 08:33:40 +0200

Ryan Lee wrote:

>>> 3. Ordering / conflict:
>>> - Consider formats dealing with children to be a frame outside
>>> of the box, not interfering with the actual box. E.g., an
>>> allPropertyFormat on a resource will place its content 'outside'
>>> of every property, and if any property has further specific
>>> directives from a Format, those contents go inside the
>>> allPropertyFormat frame. The two do not influence one another.
>> I'm not sure I like this idea of having one more box. In my mind,
>> all*Format and group-level declarations are just a convenient way of
>> declaring formatting properties that apply to many things once and for
>> all.
> Without calling it a box, I suppose my proposal is that these things be
> additive instead of conflicting directives. The order of addition
> relies on the scope of the directive. And in practice, I think the
> content* strings will appear on the output as one element, not a set of
> nested boxes.

My concern is not really about boxes. It's about the scope of these
declarations. I consider them to do the same thing. The only difference
is that those declared at the group level apply to all formats that
belong to the group, even if a format by itself does not declare them.
Group-level declarations are thus just convenience methods and should
not have a different semantics.

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