Re: FSL for Jena & IsaViz

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 23:09:34 -0400

Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
> FYI,
> I'm done with the Jena implementation of FSL, which I am ready to make
> public (it's in IsaViz' CVS already).

I think it's time to refresh my working copy. I will probably make a
branch using the Sesame API at some point...

> I've also implemented a version for IsaViz: you can enter an FSL
> expression in the GUI, and it will highlight all paths in the current
> RDF graph that match the FSL expression. See [1].
> [1]

Now *that* is pretty cool :)

> In both cases, these are general-purpose FSL engines that can be used in
> the context of Fresnel applications but also other applications that
> might want to use FSL to refer to elements of an RDF graph.
> I haven't made any assumption about how namespace prefix bindings are
> declared. They have to be set manually by the client application before
> the actual FSL expression parsing/evaluation occurs, thus giving a lot
> of liberty to FSL client applications. For the IsaViz engine, it takes
> all namespaces declared in the corresponding GUI tab and uses them to
> resolve bindings in the expression.

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