Re: FSL engine for Sesame

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 15:00:25 -0500

Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
> FYI,
> I've commited the first version of the FSL engine for Sesame in IsaViz'
> CVS repository [1]. It works with Sesame 2-alpha1.
> I still have to add a few methods for making it easier to specify the
> repository on which to evaluate the path expression, but that's just API
> cosmetics.
> [1]


Thanks for getting this out so quickly.

As Sesame 2 is still in alpha and we haven't made the jump there for any
SIMILE code, I needed to adapt your work to Sesame 1.2.2. This was
mostly just a matter of switching out the *Vertex code for the older
style of finding things in the store and using the older way of loading
data into a Graph.

I had to remove anything that referred to Jena or IsaViz, so in my
version the FSLHierarchyStore code and any referrers were removed, as
were the Jena evaluator and IsaViz evaluator. Sesame 1.2.2 lacks the
RDFS/OWL awareness that Jena has (not sure about later versions), so
this version of the Fresnel engine I'm trying to build is probably not
going to be subclass/property aware.

Could you provide the tests/fsl-test-model.rdf referred to in
SesameTest? I'd like to check how my changes worked out.

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