Fresnel future

From: Andrew Green <>
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 23:25:16 -0600

Hello, all,

OK, I know it's called a "Display Vocabulary", but... In more general
terms, Frensel is an effort to organize and standarize (some of the)
algorithms needed to link complex knowledge represenations to friendly
human interfaces, right? So, what about going beyond just "Display"?
What about data modification, creation and validation?

I ask because we're planning to use Fresnel in our application, but our
interface will allow users to do more than just view data: they will
also be able to modify it. It doesn't make sense for us to use a totally
seperate mechanism for that functionality. The algorithms for going both
ways (from the k.r. to the u.i. and vice versa) have much in common;
much of the same information is used to determine both processes.

So we're thinking of taking Fresnel Display Vocabulary as a base and
expanding on it.

Any thoughts on the matter?

Andrew Green

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