fresnel & swing in gnogno

From: Leo Sauermann <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 15:29:53 +0100


I need a "useful RDF browser and editor" which is both generic enought
to show any RDF and specific enough to look good. We tried many things
like swing apps ( or generic apps (gnowsis - gnogno gui, see [2])

Emmanuel suggested to post this here

We could take fresnel and use it as a way to represent graphs
(read-only) in gnowsis/gnogno. The problem with the XML approach
indicated is, that it focuses on read-only display (like XSLT) but not
on editing (like XForms). So as our gnogno is at the moment targeted at
editing and displaying RDF, the transfer is not so simple. We would
rather need some in-between thing like the IsaViz code [5].

We will have a look at the read-only rendering of RDF during the Berlin
Semantic Desktop hack[1], this would be a good opportunity for other
hacks, too.

Especially the code based on Jena by Emmanuel [5] looks like a good
start for us.

will come back to discuss after the berlin hack next week!



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